Veneer Dryers

Other Westmill™ Machines

Other Westmill™ Machines to Improve Redrying and Production:

  • Veneer Sheet Reentry Systems: Automatically feeds and merges sheets into a grading and stacking line.
  • Belt Conveyor “Tray Systems” and Merging Conveyors: Available with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controls for start/stop operation and accurate automatic merging.
  • Stackers: Dry, Green, and Random Stackers available, complete with controls. Stacker retrofits and control upgrades to existing Stackers also available.

Veneer Redryer

Increase your plant's veneer production without increasing energy costs with a Westmill™ Veneer Redryer. With heating energy costs being the highest cost factor in drying veneer, find out how our solutions reduce the cost of veneer drying per sq. foot.

Veneer Redryer

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