Veneer Dryers

Consulting & Engineering

Westmill™ provides consulting, plant layout and engineering services to ensure you get the right machine for your facility. Let us work with you to find the right Dryer solution to meet your needs.

Westmill™ New Veneer Dryers

Westmill™ has taken every step to make our veneer dryers the best available in the Industry today.

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Westmill™ has been involved in hundreds of dryer modifications and has engineered the rebuilding of almost every different style and brand of dryer in existence. Rebuilding dryers educated Westmill™ about good and bad dryer designs and provided the basis for Westmill's own superior dryer system designs. Today Westmill™ can rebuild your old dryer to 'better than new' condition, or supply you with a new Jet or Longitudinal dryer.

By utilizing superior insulating techniques, completely seal-welded housing and dryer controls with temperature and humidity control per zone, we have designed the most energy-efficient dryer available today! Many features that are options on other dryer systems are standard equipment on a Westmill™ Dryer System. Our robust design and quality components will provide many years of production with minimum maintenance expense.

Let Westmill™ ensure you get the right system for your veneer drying needs.

Westmill™ Six-deck Jet Gas Dryer System built for West Fraser - Alberta Plywood in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The system included the dryer infeed and outfeed equipment, Controllogix control system with PanelView Plus/VersaView 1500 touch screens.

Westmill Jet Gas Dryer