Rapid Return on Investment

  • Payback in less than four months, presuming a 7% increase in dryer productivity or effciency.
  • Further process improvements can be expected from the utilization of the moisturesort information.

LightSORT™ Moisture Measurement

Westmill™ offers a patented Green Veneer Moisture Measuring technology called LightSORT™ (GVMM). This system is a non contact, vision based green veneer moisture sorting technology and is accurate at all moisture levels, for all peel thicknesses and species. The plywood plants that have installed this system have realized significant gains in dryer production, efficiency and dry veneer quality.

LightSORT Patented Green Veneer Moisture Measuring technology by WESTMILL™

  • Increases dryer production by 10%
  • Accurate green veneer sorting = quality veneer
  • All species & thicknesses

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