On-site Inspection Services

There's a reason Westmill™ has been supplying equipment, parts and service to the plywood manufacturing industry since 1975: our dedication to quality and customer service.

Westmill™ on-site inspections provide confidential analysis and reporting on:

  • Dryer production
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety

Consulting & Engineering

Westmill™has been involved in hundreds of dryer modifications and has engineered the rebuilding of almost every different style and brand of dryer existing today. Rebuilding dryers educated Westmill™ about the good and bad dryer designs that exist and provided the basis for Westmill's own superior dryer system designs. Today Westmill™ can rebuild your old dryer to 'better than new' condition, or supply you with a new Jet or Longitudinal dryer.

Westmill™ can provide you a non-biased insight into your existing veneer drying process with On-site Veneer Dryer Inspection Services. An objective view and relative feedback about the status of your current veneer drying operation can be customized to focus on veneer dryer production, dryer energy utilization and/or safety issues observed during the on-site inspection. The findings are summarized in a confidential comprehensive report to management. Westmill™ can also work with the plant personnel to correct the issues identified in the inspection report.

Westmill™ has performed many of these on-site inspections over the years and are often able to identify potential production gains and/or energy savings that provide an immediate payback on your inspection investment.

Technical Bulletins