Westmill Industries Earns Prestigious Supplier of the Year Award

Westmill™ has been designing and manufacturing machinery and parts for the Panel Board Industry for more than 30 years.

Westmill Industries Ltd. has won the prestigious 2013 Supplier of the Year Award in the Materials/Supplies category of the Engineered Wood Technology Association's (EWTA) annual Supplier of the Year Awards Program. The program is designed to recognize companies that excel at providing high quality and superior delivery of products, equipment and services to the North American engineered wood products industry.

Eugene OR
Atlanta GA
Vancouver BC

About Westmill™

When Victor Crondahl started Westmill Industries in 1975 he had a long association with the Panel Board Industry having worked for the E.V. Prentice Company for 25 years. Based on his wealth of knowledge and experience Westmill Industries was a success from the beginning. Three decades later, the company continues to grow. The Westmill™ group of companies now includes: Westmill Industries Ltd., Westmill Machine Automation Ltd., Westmill Industries USA Corp. and Rocky Mountain Motion Control Inc.

Westmill Industries now provides parts for the majority of the veneer and plywood plants throughout North America utilizing their strategic dryer parts inventory locations in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, Eugene Oregon USA and Atlanta Georgia USA. Westmill™ has built a reputation for providing excellent products, timely service and valuable knowledge to their customers.

Westmill building

Westmill™ has been involved in hundreds of dryer modifications and has engineered the rebuilding of almost every different style and brand of dryer existing today. Rebuilding dryers educated Westmill™ about the good and bad dryer designs that exist and provided the basis for Westmill's own superior dryer system designs. Today Westmill™ can rebuild your old dryer to 'better than new' condition, or supply you with a new Jet or Longitudinal dryer.

Westmill™ can also provide you a non-bias insight into your existing veneer drying process with their On-site Veneer Dryer Inspection Services. An objective view and relative feedback about the status of your current veneer drying operation can be customized to focus on veneer dryer production, dryer energy utilization and/or safety issues observed during the on-site inspection. The findings are summarized in a confidential comprehensive report to management. Westmill™ can also work with the plant personnel to correct the issues identified in the inspection report.

Westmill™ has performed many of these on-site inspections over the years and are often able to identify potential production gains and/or energy savings that provide an immediate payback on your inspection investment.

Westmill™ now offers a patented Green Veneer Moisture Measuring technology called LightSORT™ (GVMM). This system is a non contact, vision based green veneer moisture sorting technology and is accurate at all moisture levels, for all peel thicknesses and species. The plywood plants that have installed this system have realized significant gains in dryer production, efficiency and dry veneer quality.